Monday, June 27, 2011

Cuisinart Cookware Set

I did a lot
of research before deciding to buy the Cuisinart Pro set MultiClear Even after all the rave reviews I read about the kitchen, I still was not prepared for the high quality of the vessels of the first time I unpacked ! The quality of construction is evident in the appearance and weight of each item. What we especially appreciate the handles. They are comfortable and big enough for a man's hand, but not so large that when using a towel holder or pot to become unwieldy. I like to use them and know that going to last long.

What most frustrates me in this transaction, however, is that right after I ordered the set, Amazon dropped the price by about $ 15.00. Before the package arrived, I sent an email from Amazon to inquire about receiving the new price. I received a somewhat condescending response: "I'm sure it's disappointing to see the lowest price on the set of Cuisinart cookware MultiClear Pro stainless steel 12 pieces recently purchased Our prices change regularly, and the price paid when the order shipped. Jan. 24 was the lowest price they can offer at that time. "In amny store I frequent, if the price must fall within a week of purchase, the price will be honored low to provide a refund or credit. Not so with Amazon.

Again, I love cooking, I only wish I had gotten the lowest price to supply much sweeter!

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