Monday, June 27, 2011

Pellet Stove

This is a great stove. I've had this burning oven for 3 seasons now, I find this stove on low and
my whole house heated to 70 degrees. My house is 1150 square feet.If i run for 23 hours straight
in the bass that uses a bag of pellets.Only problem I had with this stove is the starter car burned
at a time, while still under warranty, no problems getting a new, low warranty.easy to
service.They deal with customers did not question anything he said, he sent me one in 3 days. I
to install my car, but it was very easy to do.and not cancel the rest of my warranty.

Englands Stove Pellet Stove
After seeing the wood pellet stove in my local area and read reviews of them, I decided to buy a stove England I saw other stoves that looked nicer, with brick false and larger windows, but for the price review and the excellent choice that this stove. They said the customer service was excellent and let me tell you they are. I called several times for stupid reasons and the staff was very friendly and helpful (and spoke English which was great for me). The oven also comes with an instructional video, which was wonderful when my husband had to change together and make annual maintenance. I love my kitchen and I feel the heat during the winter months, I live in a cement slab and it really helps. Thanks Stove England.

Selkirk Through The Wall Pellet Pipe Kit
1. Great value for the pellet stove pipe. He arrived in time and saved 50% discount on my local store. Easy to install.

I bought this pipe for a new pellet stove because they do not have one. It was easy to install and works very well. It was about half the price you pay at your local store.

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