Thursday, June 30, 2011

Texas Instruments Ba Ii Plus Professional Financial Calculator

This is an excellent calculater. Compared to the professional edition of the HP financial equivalent, I have to say that this is much better.

It's so much more user friendly. You do not have to remember the key combinations you have to enter (no visual feedback as in HP) - is an input method of travel. You can click the arrow and scroll through the variables you want to store some values ​​in

Very nice calculator.

The product is in good shape. The package was also good to ensure that the product is not damaged in transit.
The only problem was that knowledge of import rules has not been taken care in the billing address was the last hiccup minutes. Ideally, the company DHL, should not have had in sending Amazon that have led to the cancellation of my order and I have placed a new order with different shipping address.

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