Monday, July 4, 2011

Black Rubber Feel Snap-On Cover Hard Case Cell Phone Protector for Samsung Vibrant T959

The good:
I like this case much. It has a front and back plate come together around the side of the phone. I like the price between $ 08.07 shipped. No logos on the case which gives a clean and professional. It's also nice and thin, so do not have your phone bulky. The dynamic is a slim phone that once the cover is thick it feels like an iPhone 3G/3GS without cover.

Do not be confused with the rubber of the word does not mean that is flexible and sticky when you say "feel of rubber." The feeling of rubber is comfortable and practical. It's plastic with a soft but not sticky like a silicon case. I usually put my phone in my pocket, so I want something easy to slip in and out. This case is not sticky like a silicon case. I personally do not care for silicone cases because they can shake the phone sometimes and stick to your pockets that make them difficult to remove when the phone is ringing.

The bad:
If you show the oil stains on their hands. If you use the phone outside or when your hands are not clean and dry start to show the oily spots in the case. This is not a big deal because the case is black and does not show stains easily.
The remedy for spots is pretty simple, rinse with alcohol from time to time.

In addition, the lid is not a bright color, rich. It is matte black. Still looks good, but you should know that the lower image shows a contrast between the black shadow of the phone is flat color and the case is. I would prefer if a little richer in color to match the deep bright tone phone, but I'm not complaining (which is nice and some people love black matte).

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