Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carhartt Mens Thermal Lined Hooded Zip Front Sweatshirt

Carhartt Thermal - Lined hood with zip - Front shirt! This Carhartt thermal lining with hooded sweatshirts with front rack to read ayudará mantenerse Caliente for them chilly days of Otto in the treestand he stands viewing them in football it:. 12 oz, 50% cotton / 50% polyester wool (fiber content of coal es Heather 55% cotton / 45% Polyester) Lining 100% polyester thermal heat for it; Assistant thermal liner with three piezo, hood with drawstring rack front handwarmer bolsillos delanteros; Fist Spandex reinforced knitted elastic band and the lower it to them cold air drafts; locker loop hare su hood easy to hang on a hook, machine wash / dry. Imported. State color and size. Add this hooded sweatshirts with thermal lining for the cold weather ropa hunting ... Hoy order! Available separately: Regular - word search in the Nuestra Investor for 'Carhartt Zip-Front T-shirt. "Tall with Carhartt thermal lining hooded sweatshirts with front rack

This is good for cold dry weather from about 50F - 20F, if not too windy, which will absorb rain water so be aware, but has a difficult feeling to a tee, this is not feels like any other shirt you wore in HS, this is heavy.

The zipper is the weak point of this so cold wind gets in when it's time to add more clothes.

This has excellent insulation properties so when it is cold add a jacket or a good winter coat over this and feel comfortable in very cold temperatures.

This is good for everyday use as well as a base in cold weather.

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