Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fire Sense Mission Style Square Fire Pit Product Description
Heat large late afternoon meeting with this great mission style that fire sense of Fire. The well has a magnificent coat of Tuscan stone tile wide enough for plates full of food, drink hot cocoa or just cold feet. With each side of the square well of almost 3 meters long, there's plenty of room for 8 close, talking and keep warm while enjoying the crackle and the glow of burning wood.

The fire pit comes with a fire screen dome heat resistant paint and a wood grill. Also included is a tool to lift the screen for easy refueling when the game is on. The perfect size to keep warm in the comfort of the chair cover, fire pit is 15.8 inches tall.

Product Description
With the look of the gemstone Tuscany, our Mission Style Tile Tuscany Fire Pit enhances your living room outdoors. This fire pit comes with a protective dome screen with high heat paint and a wood grill. Also included is a lifting tool of the screen.

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