Monday, November 2, 2020

SRT to invite bids worth Bt2.7 billion next year for repair of 57 locomotives

  The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) will sell bidding documents for the repair of 57 electro-diesel locomotives worth Bt2.4 billion at the beginning of next year, expecting to be completed by 2025, SRT governor Nirut Maneepan said.

The SRT is holding a second public hearing on the first project to repair 36 GEA locomotives worth Bt1.67 billion until November 3, expecting to sell price-bid documents by January next year, and sign the contract by June next year.

"The first project must be completed within 1,200 days after sending the locomotives. The bid winner must return the locomotives periodically and procure repair facilities and equipment. The winner must contact SRT if it wants to rent the authority's repair facilities," he said.

"SRT will consider the bidders' total price and experience in manufacturing and repairing electro-diesel locomotives. Previous contracts have been made at a value not less than Bt80 million."

Meanwhile, SRT reportedly said if there were no objections during the public hearing, the authority would propose the project to the SRT governor and board by the end of this year and sell the bid documents by January next year.

"The authority also issued a draft of the price-bid document for the repair of 21 HID locomotives worth Bt777 million whose details would be similar to the first project, expecting to sell price-bid documents at the beginning of next year and start the repair in the fourth quarter of next year," SRT said.

SRT added that it had signed a contract to procure 50 new electro-diesel locomotives and

equipment worth Bt6.52 billion since August 31, which will be sent periodically within 540 days.

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