Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Water, baking soda ‘cannot prevent, cure cold or flu’


The Digital Economy and Society Ministry has warned people not to believe or share news or Internet posts which claim that drinking water mixed with baking soda can help prevent or cure a common cold and flu.

“The ministry’s Anti-Fake News Centre contacted the Thailand Food and Drug Administration to verify this information and was told that baking soda or sodium carbonate is an ingredient in baking and has no effect in preventing or treating cold and flu,” it said.

“The common cold is caused by rhinovirus while flu is caused by the influenza virus. Therefore, they provide no immediate cure. The best way to treat them is to drink plenty of water, rest adequately, and consider using medicines to treat fever, cough or a runny nose if these symptoms are present.

“The patient should see a doctor if the symptoms worsen or continue for more than 1-2 weeks,” the ministry said.

For more information, contact Thailand Food and Drug Administration hotline 1556, or visit To report fake news, go to

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