Here’s a list of locations in Thailand where the Covid-19 contagion has been spread with the pertinent times and dates, as updated on Friday (March 27) by the Public Health Ministry.

Everyone who was in these places on the dates given is advised to spend time in self-quarantine at home.


Night-time restaurants and entertainment venues (March 9-10)

Rajdamnoen Boxing Stadium (March 6-8)

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (March 6-8)

Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi (March 13)

Public van travelling between The Mall and Future Park Rangsit (March 8-20)

Public bus travelling to Prachachuen, Lumpinee and Rajdamnoen stadiums (March 8-14)


Ordination ceremony at Wat Rachathiwas (March 14)

Nonthaburi Boxing Stadium (March 8, 6-8pm)


Krungthai Bank, Pakthongchai intersection (March 10, 12, 16, 19)

Nakhon Ratchasima Terminal 2 (March 13, 15)

Boxing in Kutchik sub-district (March 8, noon-8pm)

Cockfight stadium, Non Thai district (March 8, 11am-8pm)


Tawandang (March 8, midnight-2.30am, March 15 12.59am, March 16 to 2am)

Nong Phai Lom Market (March 16, 5pm)

Sod Jaeng Mookata Chill (March 12, 9pm)

Mittraphap Tavern (March 7, midnight-3.30am)


Nakhonchai Air Bus to, from Bangkok (March 16, 10pm)

Nok Air Flight DD9325 to Don Mueang (March 15, 5.33pm)

Borikandee Taxi 486

Chom Chan restaurant (March 14)

U-Bar (March 13-14)

Ricco (March 12)

Mix Club (March 9)

Tawandang (March 9)


Nakhonchai Air Bus 8224 to, from Rayong

Funeral in Moo 3, Lamduan district (March 16, 7-11pm)

Chong Chom Market, Kap Choeng district (March 15, 1-2pm)


Jiranakorn Stadium, Hat Yai (March 14-15, 4-7pm)

Minibus 4 from Hat Yai Airport into town (March 13, 10am)


Cockfight stadium, Thung Kwao (March 9-12)

Cockfight stadium, Pak Kang (March 9-12)

Cockfight stadium, Wiang Thong (March 9-12)


Van 978-22 to Bangkok (March 16)

Minibus 985-20 Bangkok-Prachinburi (March 12)


Kruanannum restaurant (March 16)

Lion Air flights to Bangkok (March 6, 8)


Van BH-9 to Mor Chit (March 17-19)

Van 10-107-99 to Rong Kluea (March 11-13)


Sombat Tiur VIP Bus 3-1 (March 21-22)


THAI flight TG-917 from London (March 16-17)


Car care at Khao Ngoo intersection (March 20)

Khao Chong Pran Flea Market (March 20)

THAI flight TG-971 Zurich-Bangkok (March 19)

Noodle restaurant at Fai Daeng Hua Pong intersection (March 19)

Shopping mall at Kra Chab intersection (March 19)

Funeral at Wat Nong Ma Kha (March 17)

Tessaban 1 Wat Sattanard Pariwat School (March 14-15)

Funeral, Moo 8 in Khao Cha-ngum (March 15)

Exercise Park near Tessaban 3 School (March 10)

Salon, Moo 6 in Khao Cha-ngum (March 10)


Wat Sawang Samakkhee Flea Market (March 20)

Ban Wang Kham School (March 20)

Srithep Hospital (March 20)

Na Tong shop in Ban Wang Cham (March 19)

Salon, Moo 7 Wang Kam Paeng (March 19)

Ban Klang Bus Terminal Flea Market (March 19)

Electronics shop near Ban Klang Bus Terminal (March 19)

Chai Si Bami Kiao noodle stall near Siam Commercial Bank, Ban Klang (March 18)

Srithep District Registration Office (March 16)

Srithep Revenue Office (March 16)

Ban Klang Market (March 16)

Empire shop at Ban Klang Market (March 16)